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zondag 28 juli 2013

Biking Trips

Dear teh meEz,

One thing I‘d love to learn from you is cycling. Good cycling I mean.  I’d love us to get good bikes (and helmets!) and go on easy biking trips.

We can also get a 2 person bike, like this:

Maybe we can even rent it, huh? And you get to pedal in the front and lead  ;D  
The basket on the back is for a 2 person tent and sleeping bags, this way we will be more mobile. 
Just Imagine lying down on the grass together, enjoying the summer breeze and looking at the blue sky after a long cycling...

PS. Remember that my notion of length is different from yours when it comes to cycling, so don't be too tough on me. X(

<3 Nana

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Yes, that would be great! We will rent a tandem, and it does not have to be one with three wheels. We can use bike bags on the sides. You know, I cant be tough on you on these bikes, because you can stop cycling or cycle slowly, and I can push as hard as I want!

  2. :D love that! If you make me mad I am simply gonna lift my legs and enjoy the view. :))))

  3. But with this storage in the back we can also consider taking *HUGZY* with us.

  4. In that case we;ll hire this one! BUGZY will love it!!! And ppl will love BUGZY! HImz sad puppy eyes will get us to put up the tent everywhere for free!

  5. :)))))) Good point! Hope -BUGZY- does not get sick and go puky though. :D