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woensdag 27 november 2013

Two songs from Den Hugz!

My dearest Nana, love of my life!

Today I posted two songs for you from bands from Den Hugz. First, a song called Venus by Shocking Blue form 1969. Actually, it is KittEhhhs new shocker, she loves to sing: "Im your Venus, Im yOur fire at yoUr desiRE!" and then she will look at you for just one moment too long, then turning around with her chin and tail up in the sky... This Den Hugz hit scored number one in EU countries as well as in the US. Lyrics here.

Second up is Radar Love by the Dutch Rolling Stones so to speak, a band called The Golden Earring who have been on tour for 50 years now. You know, HUGZY likes to sing this song, "pAwwsSS weT on TeHh WheeEL" because he is on Dadzy's lap during car rides pretending to be the driver ;-) Lyrics here.

 You know, you are also my Venus, godess of love, and we also have something called Radar Love because we are in a long distance relationship!

I love you and I miss you, so as a bonus I added a third song from the Rolling Stones which I like, just because of the sound. Its rough and tough and it is rock and roll, but the feeeling is sincere.

Love, teh meez/

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