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zondag 27 juli 2014

The reasons I love you (teh mEEz) summer edition

  1.   You like watermelon.
          2.   You have a beach body all year round, lekker!

      3.    You know how to make me happy on my birthday.

 4.   Your body is amazingly heat resistant.

5.   You enjoy summer fruits, and have a totally non-discriminatory attitude in loving them.

6.    Errr, that thing. You know, I can’t really write it here.

7.    You luuuuurrrrrv cherries, and you call me cherry pie.

      8.     Last and most important: the first time we met... it was (late)summer! I love you and I love summer!

    PS. The list is very likely to continue. :P
    Nana Pomzy

1 opmerking:

  1. Is the sweetest, Nana! I want to make sure to inspire you to make this list much longer! I love teh Pomzy!