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donderdag 6 juni 2013

The Ultimate List for Inspiration

Dear Nana,

This is the list of things we made earlier. We can use it to write a blogpost about every individual topic and add some links and pictures.

Kisses, teh Meez

1- Petz: a Fluffball and if situation permits a *HUGZY*
2- Huge Self Made Cat Climbing Tree
3- Cozy interior
4- Warm colours
5- A small dish washer (if not included in the kitchen)
6- A hand mixer
7- Baking a bread/cake one every 1 or 2 week.
8- Donating all the cloths and shoes and house supplies that we don't really use, both for recycling and making use of the (still) good things.
9- By starting a weblog or contributing to a forum, we can talk about our long distance experience, all the feelings and possible solutions just to help people who are then in the same situation.
10- We'll buy just a few big towels which we will re use a number of times for after showering, and some small ones for guests for single use.
11- Solar panels and a system to use rain water for flushing the toilets.
12- Id like to separate all our waste to reduce it almost to zero. All our veggy waste goes in a composter in the yard, metal, glas, paper and plastic are separated too. Only one  very small bag of waste per week is left.
13- We organize recycle parties, which is just a drink with friends who will bring all the stuff they dont want anymore but which is a waste to throw out and not worth to sell anymore. We'll give the stuff to each other whoever wants it.
14- Insulation: If it is winter we wear warm clothes inside, thermo underclothes  and body warmers if neccesary.  The thermostat goes to 18 degrees, every extra degree is relatively very much more energy inefficient.
15- if we are still cold we should do some excercise, I would love a tredmill or a spinning machine.
16- we should get a fresh fruit juice pressing machine.
17- we should paint one room in the Gustav Klimt style since we both love his work!
18. Ordering a big print of  "the embrace" which is both of our cover photos in fb now and put it on the wall above our bed.
19. Buying more board games and throw game nights every now and then.
20. Go for last minute trips to any destination instead of spending our holidays in NL and using our free time to see new places.
21.Have a date night every week, like going to a bar, restaurant or even spending a night in a hotel, just to add more spice.
22. Create a "Magic Room" with things that make us feel good. We can put in there: exhibition of dinosaurs, paintings on the wall, paint the walls ourselves, a princess dress for you, we will put every crazy thing we want there!

1 opmerking:

  1. No. 14: If the heater heats up to 18C it is more than enough, but honestly if house is cold I have trouble calling it home. :D

    23. Having to plastic cups for shake, for after gym, mornings to drink on our way to work, etc.

    I am so excited about number 2! It should have some toys hanging from it for the kitty to hunt. :D