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woensdag 25 september 2013

Fashion for Nana

Helloes Nana,

If you allow me I want you to be my fashion dress up girl: I want to go shopping for clothes for you and also with you!

You wear beautiful clothes and I noticed you have three styles: most commonly you dress casual, a skirt out of jeans fabric, boots and a top for instance. Or jeans and a top, or jeans with a sweater and shawl.

Your second dressing style is casual but a little bit more alternative with a hint of hippie and a hint of native/nature. For instance a pair of jeans with holes in it, a purple palestinian shawl and wooden bracelets and necklace or natural stones/feathers.

Your third style is your drop dead gorgeous style for when you dress up for a happy occasion, wearing your beautiful red dress!

I think you have a great sense of fashion and I would love to explore new styles with you. I think you should explore three new styles.

For formal occasions I would love to find you a formal outfit, but since you are not a very business type like person it has to have something casual about it.

Secondly, I think you could use a more adult way of dressing, I would love you to find something that is inspired on skirt suits from the 50's. I am thinking of skirts with an even tone and a black and white top.

Lastly, for a dress up theme party I would love to dress you up like an Indian! You already use hippie/nature elements, dressing you up like an squaw (female North American native) would suit you and would impress the other party animals because you have the skin tone, hair and face to totally pull it off!

Youre my Pomz!!!Kisses, teh meez/

This is more business style but still wearable outside the office!

Its the opposite of what you normal wear! This is conservative, military. You wear casual with nature and alternative tones. You would not feel comfy in this, but some elements you could use, see other pics.
A modern skirt suit, maroon coloured
This would look good on you, its formal but it has some creative elements such as the pattern and the lower end of the jacket.

Without the gloves it would be good for you, except the pink should be a different plain clour.

It is knitwear and the even colour and the belt has something 50s about it. Because it is red and straight it also has an Eastern touch. It is casual, but sexy and a bit formal too. I think it would suit you very well!

To the right: dress up party! Something like this, but better would be a darker colour.

1 opmerking:

  1. Oh I'd love to be your dress up doll. For me it is a sign of your affection. It is funny I recently have developed a thing for formal clothing, but then with a trendy touch.
    I love the gray suit and the red knit dress. I should probably look for something similar on the online shops. :)