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donderdag 19 september 2013

Appreciate Stuff We Have Already Day

Dear Nana,

It may sound weird but Im thinking of planning a "Appreciate stuff we already have day" every two months. During that day we take a few hours to take care of the stuff we have and feel good about them. We polish our shoes to keep them pretty, we organise our clothes and iron some of them, we do some maintenance on our gadgets to keep them rolling and so on. Also we make sure we hang on to the stuff we care about by adding security or adding labels with our contact details. Doing this makes us feel good and by appreciating what we already have we feel less need to buy things we don't need.

Im going to spend two hours tomorrow to do this. This way I remember all the stuff I have and to appreciate them. I will take my bicycle to the repair shop to make it more comfy to ride. Also I will label my coats and bags. I have special labels with my name and phone number on them. I can iron them into my coats. I have lost three or four coats the last 10 years, with a label Im sure I wouldve gotten one or two back!

Kisses, teh meez/

A simple lock to lock suitcases or coats when we are travelling

A label to label our stuffz

Polishing shoes keeps them healthy and we appreciate them more.

1 opmerking:

  1. I like the idea of going through the stuff we have every now and then and fixing them. However I find the idea of labeling coats and shoes a bit absurd. ;)