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maandag 19 augustus 2013

BUGZY's corner

Helloes Nana,

I did some googling and I found a gazillion ideas for the puppy corner, should we get BUGZY. Some ideas are very luxurious, others are plain and simple. Personally I like the quite simple ideas, although I also put up a picture here of someone who built a luxurious shower cabin, just for the dog...

Kisses, teh MeeEEezzz

A special doggy shower in the by-kitchen. I guess for ppl who have a lot of dogs and money or who take care of other ppls dogs professionally.

 A storage solution for doggy stuff such as food, toys and shampoo.
 It is a foldable crate that will fit a beagle!

 This is a DIY recycling project, its actually a childrens bed turned upside down, painted and with an added pillow.

1 opmerking:

  1. I love the two Beagles, they look so darrrrn cute!
    The DIY doggy bed is very pretty. I also lik to put a name card behind -BUGZY-'s corner to give it more character. We should also wash his toys and cushion every now and then and when taking him out watch out for him not to sniff dirty things. :)) I like the beige crate, it is spacious and open on the sides so -BUGZY- gets to look around.