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zaterdag 17 mei 2014

Our Routines

Dear Nana,

Our routines determine how we look and feel. So, from the beginning onwards, we will not sneak into a lazy or unhealthy routine! Instead, we will put some time and effort into creating our own healthy and happy routine! One week with a bad routine in foodies and sports won't make you unhappy or unhealthy, one good week wont make you happy or healthy either, so it is only routine that counts.

 So, I was thinking, we should reserve some evenings for sports, and in the weekend, on Sunday, we will also do some sports, either a long walk, jogging, cycling or the gym.

Also, on Saturday morning we'll plan our foodies of next week, and do some major groceries. Ofcourse we will use the blackboard for it! When we get the right stuff for our routines, we can make our routines fun! I now have this great leather gym bag, which makes it cooler to go to the gym!

Also, Sunday is for relaxing together and charging our batteries for the next week. 

I was thinking Friday evening we should make sure to do stuff with our own friends, so you can go and do fun things with your new expat friends or Dutchzy friends, and Ill have a drink with some dude friends and do dudy stuff!

I also have this idea of organizing the house in such a way that it reflects our routines. So, we dedicate a corner to Sports, where we organize our sporting gear. Another corner will be foodies shopping, which is the blackboard! I would like to have a very nice relaxing bed, which will be for sleeping and relaxing together. We should create the bedroom in a very relaxing atmosphere. We should not read complex books in there or play with our smartphones. We should associate the bedroom with just relaxing and chatting.

So, this post is about our routines! Next tym Ill write about sports we can do!


teh meeEeezzz

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  1. This is really cool! I totally agree, we should not use any gadgets in our bedroom except for a laptop to watch our series ;)
    I also very much agree with the idea of hitting the gym right from the start.