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zaterdag 10 mei 2014

Weekly menu planning

Dear teh mEEz,

We have been lazy in updating the blog, but I am sort of planning to be more active. Anyhow, one think I thought of, is a small chalkboard for our kitchen.

I'd love it to be:

1- Framed, preferably in an old style frame.

2- Big enough for the weekly menu and the ingredients we need to shop for (in a small handwriting!!), like this:

Monday: Cous-cous and Tofu (Tofu+pickles)

Tuesday: Cesar salad (lettuce+ chicken breast)

If you think it's gonna be too big, we can just go for the weekly menu. :)

3- I guess it would be a great DIY project for you. See here for a nice example. However I sort of like the frame to look more oldie, like this one (but definitely NOT in black):

 Or this:

Every Saturday morning after breakfast we will write down a menu together, and we do the shopping right after, unless if it is vegetables or other thingies we should buy fresh.

Well, that is it for now...

Nana Pomzy

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Dear Nana, this is a great idea! We can get ourselves an old painting frame, and I can DIY a wooden plate behind it, and paint it with chalkboard paint. And then we can plan our healthy meals before shopping! Kisses and looots of love, HUGZY and tEh meEEzz