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maandag 20 oktober 2014


Dear Nana,

Food is important for our health and happiness. For our foodies we should choose non processed foods. Food of which you can see they are made of, foods that are close to nature. That means no cookies, chips, candies, soda drinks, white rice/pasta/bread, deep fried food, etcetera. 

For pasta, rice, bread and cornflakes we should always choose for the full grain version. Cornflakes are tricky though, a lot of them contain hidden sugers to make you addicted to the sugar high.

And I would like to cut the bread ourself! It will stay fresh really long, and I can cut some thicker pieces. Ideally the bread contains some pieces of grain or oatmeal, or even raisins.

We will eat some yoghurt every now and then and add some healthy nuts. The nuts contain fats that are good for your brain, blood vessels and the fibres clean your inside.

To reward ourselves, we will finish a mini bottle of red wine and a small chocolate bar together once a week. They contain very high amounts of anti oxidants that will keep us feeling young. And its a treat for rewarding us for not eating any sugary stuff anymore. I have stopped eating all candies and soda pops. Once a week we can reward ourselves with a wine and chocolate moment and some romantic hugs and chats!

One of the foods that is highly underestimated nowadays are beans. I love all beans! We should make one veggy dish a week with some chick peas or other beans. They are yummylicious, they lower cholesterol and they replace meat. Also, we should eat fish twice a week for the protein and healthy fats. Fat is really good for energy and there is vitamins in them too. 

And ofcourse we will get a big fruit basket in which there will always be fruities! We ll get them at the market where they are almost for free.

Lubbzzzz, teh meez

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  1. Nana: As none of us a junk eater it should be relatively easy. I also suggest cutting deep frozen foods off.
    I don't use much sugar myself, but in cold days I sometimes fancy a cup of hot chocolate or some chocolate mousse.
    I love fruits and can't live without them . I am very much in agree with buying from the farmers' market not only because it's cheaper, but also because it's more fair to the farmers. :)