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donderdag 9 oktober 2014

Two interior ideas

Dear Nana,

I was thinking I would like one or two tall plants in our home to give our home a nice green look. I was thinking of using artificial plants because they require no attention and they look just as good!

 Ofcourse we will add a nice pot with some colourful stones in it!

Secondly, I was thinking of using some recycled wood elements in our apartment. Not too much, but some accents. The good thing about this is that it looks good, its practical and its for free! We could use some laque to give the wood an accent, but we would still see the wood colour. Or we could go fancy and just paint the wood whatever colour we like! I was especially thinking of bookshelves and a clothing rack. 

To the left, shelves. I was thinking of not stacking them but properly screwing them to the wall at 1.50 metres height minimum, and also perhaps putting some of them up diagonally so that the books dont need book supports. 

To the right, pallets. Im not sure this will work though, we would need a very tiny pallet.

But it might give you some inspiration!

And to conclude this post, I just added some crazy recycle pictures you might like, just for inspiration.

More to follow, ill look up some wall papers and murals we might like!

xxx teh meez

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